Saturday marks two months since wildfires ravaged parts of Sevier County and killed 14 people.

In that time, hope has bloomed as tens of thousands of volunteers have stepped in to get Gatlinburg and surrounding areas back to normal.

All Hands Volunteer ministry works to clear a home site.

For one Alabama man, the last time he visited the mountains they were on fire and he was racing for his life.

"The moment I backed the car up it was just like a wave of fire,” Sammy Popwell told WBIR 10news in a Nov. 29 interview.

“One of the scriptures says you will go through the fire but it will not harm you,” said his wife, Melanie.

“It’s only God, it's on God that got us out of there.”

Sammy and Melanie shared their story just hours following the devastating wildfires.

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Even then, the Dothan, Ala., couple knew they’d return.

"I know my work for God's not finished,” said Popwell. “To me this is a way I can help out, show his love.”

Two months later, he’s putting his hands to work.

Sammy Popwell helps clean rubble.

Alongside the All Hands Volunteer ministry, he helped clear a home site so a family can rebuild.

“That’s all it’s about helping others,” said Popwell.

As time passes, he hopes that others will not only see, but feel new life.

"All I know is this, God loves us, always has, always will," he said.