We have heard many sad stories following this massive wildfire, but here is one that will warm your heart.

The Carrol family barely escaped the flames that surrounded their home last Monday night. There was no time to save anything, including their animals.

They were heartbroken to leave them behind.

When the family returned to check on the damage and see what could be salvaged, they found something that was truly Heaven sent.

Their daughter Izzy's therapeutic mini horse named Heaven was standing alone and badly burned, but alive. Everything else was destroyed.

The 4-year-old girl has a form of non-verbal autism, and Heaven is not only her best friend, but has made a huge impact on her life.

Even though she was alive, the family feared they wouldn't be able to get Heaven the help she needed to survive.

That's where Brian Minton comes in.

The family heard about the Halls man who offered to help fire victims with their livestock. They called, and he answered. He managed to pick Heaven up and get her out and to help. It wasn't an easy rescue, but he said it was worth it to see the little girl and horse reunite.

"To see what I saw, you can't even put into words. My heart is so full I couldnt take another drop," said Minton.

"How do you even put it into words. It's a miracle. This horse was meant for my daughter," said Izzy's mother Alisa.

The family has a GoFundMe page if you'd like to help them. You can also follow Heaven's progress on this Facebook page.