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Couple meets 911 dispatcher who saved their lives during wildfires

"You look at life a whole lot differently when you stare death in the face."

For the first time since the wildfires trapped Reba and Joe Williams in an elevator at Westgate Resort, the couple got to meet the man who helped save them.

"You look back and you realize just how close to not making it that you were," Reba Williams said. "You look at life a whole lot differently when you stare death in the face."

On Nov. 28, 2016, Joe and Reba were stranded in an elevator at Westgate Resort for more than eight hours while wildfire spread through the community around them. They called 911 for help and dispatcher Timothy Fisher picked up the phone.

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"Even though I had never met her, I felt a connection with her on the phone," Fisher said. "It was a very humbling moment to be able to help somebody that much."

Fisher stayed on the phone for hours, directing fire trucks to the Westgate Resort as fire burned throughout Sevier County.

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911 dispatcher Timothy Fisher meets Reba and Joe Williams, of Alabama, for the first time one year after he answered their 911 call while they were trapped inside an elevator in the Westgate Resort during the Sevier County wildfires. Nov. 28, 2017.

Fisher met Reba and Joe Williams one year later at a ceremony the Westgate Resort held to commemorate the wildfires.

"Thank you seems so little," Reba said as she hugged Fisher for the first time. "And don’t ever take your job for granted. Oh my goodness."

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