In times of crisis, it helps sometimes to know famous people. It's even better if you know a famous person who likes to get things done quickly and efficiently.

For Johnny Baker of Sevier County, that person is musician Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band.

Last week, as the enormity of the Sevier County wildfire disaster began to sink in, Sevier Countian Baker texted Brown, a friend for more than five years.

He suggested that maybe Brown, whose Nashville-based country band is known for hits like "Knee Deep" and "Chicken Fried," could bring his guitar and entertain to buoy people's spirits.

Brown, however, quickly realized this was a job for more than just a guitar.

"He called back in about five minutes and he said, You need more than a guitar and somebody to sing. More than that will do," Baker told 10News.

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Brown, in fact, sent in "his cavalry," Baker said -- a full team that rolled into town Sunday in a rig equipped to feed hungry people.

They announced their presence Sunday morning in a Facebook post: "The Zamily and Zac Brown's Southern Ground are on the ground helping fire victims in Gatlinburg, TN."

On the way into Gatlinburg, the men fell silent as they saw some of the fire devastation. Some were moved to tears, Baker said.

Then they got to town and started to work immediately, preparing to put out food for firefighters who had been on the job.

Baker calls Brown's people "warriors."

"I stood back and marveled at a machine (that went to work) and when I say machine I mean these guys were just on it," recalled Baker, group sales director for Ole Smoky Distillery. "And on it!"

Baker said he was humbled to be able to help in the effort. Neither Brown nor his crew wanted any accolades. They just wanted to help.

When they were done, they quietly went back on their way.

"I knew if I asked for the moon, he’d have sent me the universe," Baker said, shaking his head in admiration.