A Texas man on his way to visit his brother in North Carolina encountered something he never imagined--- a city on fire.

Greg Scobee, from Tyler, Texas, just happened to be driving through East Tennessee when wildfires in the Great Smoky Mountains spread into Gatlinburg and other areas, destroying hundreds of homes.

That November night made a big impact on his life.

"Some of them were living in their cars, some in storage units. Someone had donated Bibles, but it was gone in ten minutes and I just thought, hey, we can get some Bibles," said Scobee.

He knew there was a great need, and the first focus for wildfire victims would be on food and shelter, not possessions. But some possessions are very important.

"My belief is everyone needs a Bible. And you don't know what verse, what chapter is going to touch their life," he said.

When he returned home, Scobee took action. He started collecting Bibles for the people who lost everything in the Gatlinburg fire. He hopes his gift will give those families something familiar to hold onto.

"That's what people want to find, is something that meant something to them. A Bible that we are collecting now can be an heirloom to their family in the future," said Scobee.

This story first appeared on KETK .