Over 70% of people in Sevier County voted to bring wine to the rest of the county's grocery stores this election.

The vote was to bring wine sales to "unincorporated" parts of the county, in other words, all places outside city limits of Gatlinburg, Sevierville and Pigeon Forge. Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters says he never could have imagined the vote passing at such a wide margin when he took office 40 years ago.

"It's more accepted I guess because in other areas that you go to, they have wine in grocery stores," Waters said.

Customers that 10News spoke to in a Seymour Kroger shared mixed opinions.

"I don't drink, I don't necessarily agree with it. It causes problems," said one customer named Jeremy.

"I did vote for it cause I live around the corner, it's going to be way more convenient for me," said Laura, another customer.

Michael Weaver, the manager of the store, said the change will be good for both customers and sales.

"I'm extremely excited to be able to get it in our store I think it's going to be great for us and great for our customers and my wife will be extremely happy because I can pick up wine on my way home from work so that'll be great too," he said.

Sevier county joined 5 other cities that all all voted to approve wine sales in grocery stores. Fentress County and New Tazewell also voted on retail alcohol sales. New Tazewell is moving forward, but Fentress County voted the idea down.