Knoxville — There could be snow in northeast Tennessee, and possible ice and wintry mix to scrape off your windshield here in the valley this weekend.

If your driveway is steep, like the parking lot at Channel 10, you'll want to make sure it isn't slippery.

You can make brine by simply mixing salt and water.

In fact, that's TDOT's official recipe--they just add some calcium chloride when it gets even colder.

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Mix it in a bucket, and you can dump it on your driveway or on your steps before things get icy.

Also, you need to make sure your ice scraper isn't already in your car--because your car doors might be iced over when you walk outside!

But before you can scrape, you need to make another concoction--a wind shield spray.

It'll help loosen the ice. You need a sprayer, water and some alcohol.

Mix a third of the bottle with water, and the rest with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Then spray it on, and let it sit. It should loosen the ice in about a minute.

And finally, check your car out.

Places to pay attention to are you wipers--you want to make sure they're fresh for that snowy and rainy weather.

And check your washer fluid, because that can freeze.

Use some fluid that has antifreeze properties.