Ahh, the weather. The number one topic of conversation among adults. The one thing we all have in common. The one thing that affects everything in the world.

And yes, some people say they know when the weather is going to change before they hear it from a local meteorologist.

There may be a little truth to that claim... but just a little.

"We see routinely, over and over again, two-thirds of people asked, they say their pain is worse as the weather changes," said Dr. Jonathan Hutchings, a family medicine physician.

Can people actually know when the weather will change based on how they are feeling?

Hutchings said not 100 percent.

"I think the key thing is you already have to have an underlying state of inflammation going on, because it’s really not that big of a change when the barometric pressure changes, it’s very subtle," Hutchings said.

The question, though, is why?

"The theory is that with the barometric pressure dropping we have less pressure on our body which means our tissues can get more inflamed, it can swell up," Hutchings said.

It's not just the drop in atmospheric pressure.

"Cold weather makes a difference too, it really does. Your tendency for your body is to keep your blood near your core when it gets cold," Hutchings said.

So, what can we all do to overcome the pain that comes with the cold weather and low atmospheric pressure during the winter months?

"Pre-warm your car before you get in it in the morning, if you can, so you’re not sitting in it in the cold car where your joints are just freezing to death while you’re grabbing the steering wheel ... trying to keep yourself in your work situation where you’re warm and trying to guard yourself from some of those exchanges," Hutchings said.