KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Yassin's Falafel House is hoping to help people hurt by the government shutdown.

The restaurant is offering to give a free meal to any federal employee affected by the shutdown and their kids.

It's owner, Yassin Terou, says they are just trying to spread some love in the community.

"These people, they did the work, they went to their job and they're not getting paid. They serve in this community. We want to appreciate them and show them some love," Yassin said.

The restaurant says you just need to show an employee ID when you order.

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Yassin's Falafel House has two locations in Cedar Bluff and in Downtown Knoxville.

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Yassin says he plans to keep the deal going until federal workers get their paychecks.

Government shutdown reach the longest record in the American history and this post not to discuss who is doing the mistake ,This post about opening our heart spacial for the middle class employees...