You can now buy wine in many Tennessee grocery stores on Sundays.

A new state law went into effect on January 1, and the first day shoppers were able to add wine to their shopping carts on Sunday was January 6.

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“We look forward to being able to provide our customers the convenience of being able to purchase wine on Sundays come January 6th,” said Melissa Eads, corporate affairs manager for the Kroger Nashville Division, shortly before that first Sunday.  “Sunday has become the biggest shopping day of the week in most cases, so we know this change will be well received.”

When Gov. Bill Haslam signed the law allowing Sunday wine and liquor sales in April of 2018, liquor stores were given a head start to immediately open seven days a week.But retail food stores had to wait.

The new law also let Tennesseans buy beer, wine and spirits on Labor Day, New Year’s Day and the Fourth of July. Alcohol sales are still not allowed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter

The law aligns hours of wine sales with beer sales. That means liquor stores can sell alcoholic beverages between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. on Sundays, unless otherwise defined by the jurisdiction. After January 6, grocery stores can sell wine during those same hours on Sundays.

Still, not every Tennessee grocery store can sell wine. The local county or state must first approve liquor sales in the county, then wine sales in grocery stores in a subsequent election. Some East Tennessee counties still do not permit liquor stores or liquor by the drink.