More than 95,000 attended Saturday's matchup between Tennessee and Southern Miss and for several hundred young fans, it was a game they'll never forget.

After #EmptyNeyland began trending last week, a Knoxville principal stepped up to help her students experience a game in Neyland Stadium.

Some Vols fans who wouldn't be attending donated their tickets to South Knoxville Elementary.

More than 250 tickets were donated, enough for every student who wanted to go, plus students from other schools as well.

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Zachary Householder is a second grader student at South Knoxville Elementary and usually watches Tennessee games with his family at home.

Six students from South Doyle Middle School attended their first Tennessee football game because of the donated tickets.

"Those kids can walk outside and see Neyland Stadium just across the river, but many of them don't get the opportunity to come and experience what it's like to watch a college football game in front of 100 plus thousand poeple," South Doyle Middle principal Andrew Brown said.

Brown says the experience was more than just a fun Saturday. It also excites the students about the future and brings positive energy into the classroom.

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"To give up your opportunity to come to a football game, regardless of the kind of seas we're having, these kids appreciate it," Brown said. "We're definitely pushing college, and career readiness, and really just letting them know college is an option for everybody, so getting to come to campus and see a game like today just gives them one more thing to look forward to."

Zachary Householder's father had been to games in Neyland before and was excited for an opportunity to share the experience with his sons.

"There's still good people out there," Householder said. "These two kids get to see their first game. He's excited and its just been a wonderful experience."