It's news that has many wishing for a rewind button in real life. After weathering the streaming storm long past most people's expectations, Popcorn Video announced it is closing its doors for good in Sevierville soon.

The business is not totally vanishing yet, though. East Tennessee's oldest remaining video rental chain is still keeping its Greeneville location open at 1260 East Andrew Johnson Highway.

The store was been a longtime staple of Sevierville after opening in the early days of VHS rentals.

Matt Scull continued the legacy his father started in 1982, and was able to keep two of the four stores it used to run open. Now it's down to one.

Customers raved about the store, it's free popcorn and its nostalgic red and blue neon lights, saying there's something special about renting movies that can't be found with streaming.

Viva Video Rental: Popcorn Video in Sevierville still seeing steady business despite streaming's popularity

For Sevierville, the video rental era is finally coming to a close.

Sevierville Popcorn video, I've been dreading this post for some time. I apologize for not getting it out earlier, but the rumors are true, your beloved video store is going away. The amount of...

"We truly have the best customers I can imagine. This fact has allowed us to stay far longer than any other rental store around," Scull said. "Life will go on, we will continue to hate on Redbox, still hold a little grudge towards Blockbuster, and always hold a special place in our hearts for Eva and cones of popcorn."

The Sevierville store at 610 Dolly Parton Parkway will be holding a 'no holds barred' sale starting Friday, July 11 that will last until Tuesday, July 16.