LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. — Loudon County Director of Schools Dr. Jason Vance was temporarily suspended this week pending a review of a potential buy-out, according to Loudon County Schools Chairman Craig Simon.

"There will be an executive board meeting scheduled prior to discussions between legal representation," Simon said.

The Loudon County Board of Education is set to have a closed executive session on June 20 at 6 p.m. The BOE website said it's for the "Board attorney to provide advice and answer questions regarding the director's contract and possible litigation related to the same."

Vance has been the center of discussion for months and was investigated earlier this year following a conflict involving the high school basketball coach. 

The investigation released in March recommended Vance be reprimanded instead of terminated from his role. 

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In the report, which was conducted by a Knoxville law firm, it said Dr. Vance appears to have engaged and participated in a pattern of conduct that, while well-intentioned and possibly appropriate and understandable for a person who is purely a parent, is inappropriate for an individual in his position as the Director of Schools. 

The firm said it found "no legal basis" to fire Vance. It suggested Vance "receive discipline and corrective instruction."

In January 2019, nearly 200 people packed into the Loudon County Board of Education meeting in support of Loudon High School basketball coach Josh Graves. They claimed the coach had become a target of Dr. Vance. 

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Supporters alleged an email from Vance circulated on social media, claiming the school director was upset his son -- who plays on the basketball team -- was told by Graves last minute he wouldn't dress for a varsity game.

Many expressed concern the coach's job was in danger based on the alleged email.

Vance responded, saying Coach Graves wouldn't be fired, and that's when the director's job then became under fire.

A board member motioned to suspend Vance indefinitely. That motion failed by a small margin.