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22 perfect things for people who love to travel

22 perfect things for people who love to travel
Credit: Puro SoundLabs
Comfortable, colorful, and wireless. Perfect for travel.
Credit: Amazon
21 thoughtful gifts for those who love to travel

— Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA TODAY’s newsroom and any business incentives.

Everyone has that one friend or family member who is always dreaming about their next adventure—the one who enjoys jetting off to a new location whenever they get the chance. This person shares the best stories about the exotic places they’ve seen, the delicious meals they’ve eaten, and the incredible people they’ve met. We all envy this person, yet they are the best company to keep, as they see the beauty in everything, and understand how to live life in the present moment.

While buying your beloved globetrotter a plane ticket is likely unfeasible, here are a number of gifts they will cherish just as much—and be able to use on their next trip. There's something for every type of traveler, from the techie to the fashionista.

1. A chic yet functional weekender tote bag

Credit: Amazon
Herschel Supply Co. Duffel

This popular tote bag is a great gift for those who take weekend trips or purchase basic economy airfare, which only allows for a small-sized bag. It comes in a number of colors—and a lifetime warranty—so these stylish Herschel duffel bags make the perfect gift. Right now, you can save $22 on the classic black bag with leather straps.

Get the Herschel Supply Co. Novel duffel bag for $63 - $85 on Amazon

2. This top-rated portable charger

Credit: Amazon
Portable battery

For the tech-savvy traveler, a portable charger is a necessity. This RAVPower 26800 maH backup charger is one of our editor’s favorites, as it provides him and his faimly peace of mind when on the go. Taking a long flight or a road trip can be nerve racking when access to outlets are limited—especially if you rely on your phone’s GPS (or Instagram) which can suck battery life pretty quickly.

Get the RAVPower 26800 maH backup charger for $50 on Amazon

3. This wanderlust-inspiring watch

Credit: ModCloth

I want this watch. Mainly because the little black plane on the face actually flies around the face—because it's the seconds hand. Yes, this is just about the cutest thing you’ve seen all day.

Get this Europe Next Watch for $29 from Modcloth

4. This extremely helpful bluetooth tracker

Credit: Amazon
Tile Mate

I can be absent-minded, and because of this, I have left important things in airports (R.I.P. to my wallet, kicking it in Rome somewhere) which has caused some major headaches. If only I'd had this bluetooth tracker, I wouldn’t have frantically circled the Rome airport, harassing kind Italian police officers with my problems. The Tile Mate has over 7,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4-star rating, a favorite amongst travelers and airheads alike.

Buy the Tile Mate “anything finder” for $25 on Amazon

5. A scratch map to mark where you’ve been and where you’re going

Credit: Nordstrom
Scratch Map

I’ve yet to meet a traveler who doesn’t want one of these world map scratch posters to artfully document their travels.

Get this scratch map for $26 at Nordstrom

6. A guide on how to be an explorer of the world

Credit: Amazon
Travel Book

I love this interactive journal. Not only does it stimulate your mind with fun prompts, but it pushes you to examine and document your experiences in a unique way, giving you something more detailed to look back on than the average photo album. Plus, this journal makes for a great coffee table book, so you can flip through it daily to keep the creativity flowing.

Get “How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum” for $12.60 on Amazon

7. This award-winning carry-on suitcase

Credit: Samsonite
This is the best carry-on ever!

After testing 12 popular carry-on suitcases for durability, comfort, and fit, the Samsonite MightLight 2 was a clear winner. Not only does it comply with airline carry-on size restrictions, but the wheels move 360 degrees, which is a major plus for travelers maneuvering around obstacles. This would make a great gift for a serious traveler.

Get the Samsonite MightLight 2 for $112 on Amazon

8. Kid-safe headphones for traveling with children

Credit: Puro SoundLabs
Comfortable, colorful, and wireless. Perfect for travel.

Having to sit still and be (relatively) quiet for long stretches of travel is not easy, but having movies to watch and games to play makes time fly. Rather than letting your kids stick earbuds in their ears, get them a set of over-ear headphones that are comfortable, wireless, and safe for developing ears. Plus, they fold up for east storage. And if you use the coupon code "GIFT25!" you can save 25% on the best kids headphones we've ever tested.

Get the Puro SoundLabs BT2200s from Puro SoundLabs for $74.99 and save $25

9. A stylish passport holder

Credit: Anthropologie / Amazon
Passport holders

Remember when I said I lost my wallet in the Rome airport? Well thank goodness I didn’t lose my passport—the only reason I didn’t is because I keep it separate from my wallet and my purse, in a holder that tucks into the waistband of my pants. Having a passport holder is useful because you can keep boarding passes tucked inside and can easily locate it even in a large bag. Gifting a personalized passport holder is not only thoughtful, but useful as well.

Get this leather passport holder for $14 on Amazon
Get this floral passport holder for $18 from Francesca’s

10. A funky fanny pack

Credit: Amazon
Fanny Pack

There are two types of people in this world: those who can rock fanny packs, and those who can’t. If your traveling buddy is among the former (a rare, but precious bunch) then gifting them a funky fanny pack should be your move. These psychedelic fanny packs have a 5-star customer rating on Amazon, and over 500 reviews. Mom, if you are reading this, please buy me the holographic blue fanny pack for the holidays.

Get a SoJourner Fanny Pack for $15 - $20 on Amazon

11. This vibrant duffle bag

Credit: Vera Bradley
Vera Bradley duffel

Yes, we all owned Vera Bradley duffle bags in our glorious youth, but I still wouldn’t write off the whimsical designer—they know how to make a great bag. I’ve used a Vera Bradley tote bag for the past five years, filling it to the brim until I have to forcibly zip it up, and somehow the straps have yet to pop off. I bought my sister this duffle bag a couple of years ago, and she still uses it anytime she takes a weekend trip. It may be too large to use as a carry-on bag on certain flights, but it is a great road-trip getaway bag that I highly suggest. Also, the patterns are too fun to pass up.

Get the Vera Bradley large duffel bag for $60 - $85 on Vera Bradley

12. A sleek pair of wireless headphones

Credit: Amazon
Beats Solo3

These Beats Solo3 wireless headphones come in striking colors, and they have an incredible battery life that will last through even the longest of journeys. Not having to worry about wires is also a plus when struggling with luggage, shedding layers of clothing for security, and juggling smaller necessities like keys, a wallet, and a passport. These headphones received a strong rating from our testers, who’ve noted that “music, regardless of genre, just sounds fantastic on the Solo3s.” Also, the rose gold pair is just WOW.

Get the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones for $220 on Amazon

13. A hilarious looking neck pillow

Credit: Amazon / Kickstarter

If you are looking to give the traveler in your life a gag gift, why not get one they can actually use?! The creepy arm-like pillow has firm flex to it to support your head, and though it's not yet available, you can track its progress on Kickstarter. The Ostrich pillow, however, is something you can actually get your hands on in time for the holidays.

Get the Ostrich Pillow for $80 on Amazon
Check out the MonPère travel pillow on Kickstarter

14. A beautifully designed crumple map

Credit: Amazon
Crumple Map

Bring back the map! Although many prefer a GPS, these beautiful city maps are printed on waterproof cloth that is easy to stuff in your pocket (because folding a map is just as difficult as reading one). The maps of cities available on Amazon: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo.

Get the crumpled city map of your choice for $12.50 on Amazon

15. This genius carry-on cocktail kit

Credit: Amazon
Cocktail Kit

Traveling can be stressful, but this gift will take the edge off. Not only are these just about the classiest things I’ve ever seen, but they come in great drink combinations as well. Personally, I am having a tough time deciding between the Moscow mule and the Champagne kit.

Get the carry-on cocktail kit for $20 - $24 on Amazon

16. A durable water bottle

Credit: Camelbak / Amazon
Water Bottle

One of our editors absolutely swears by this water bottle, reporting that, “this water bottle holds the same one liter as a Nalgene, but unlike the Nalgene that rolled around my center console, this bottle just fits into my cup holder. Plus, the ‘chute’ spout is easy to drink from in the car, whereas the wide mouth of a Nalgene has left me with a soaked shirt too many times.” This is a great gift for those who enjoy outdoor adventures, too.

Get the Camelbak 1L water bottle for $13.95 on Amazon

17. A top-rated pair of earbuds

Credit: Amazon
1More earbuds

Earbuds are a necessity on flights, and this pair of earbuds from 1More won our Editor’s Choice pick for the best earbuds under $100. Significantly cheaper than comparable in-ears, the Triple Drivers are compact, have a great fit, and feature a spectacular sound profile that punches way, way above what you'd expect from a pair of in-ears in this price range.

Get the 1More Triple Driver in-ear headphones for $89 on Amazon

18. A unique and expressive luggage tag

Credit: Anthropologie / Amazon / Nordstrom
Luggage tags

Stuff these into your travel buddy’s stocking as a thoughtful yet useful gift to help them spot their luggage in a sea of black and gray cases.

Get the Map Maker luggage tag for $22 from Anthropologie

Get this Gray Malin leather luggage tag for $49 from Nordstrom

Get this Anne Taintor Luggage tag for $12 on Amazon

19. The Fujifilm Instax mini

Credit: Amazon

Don’t be fooled by this camera’s adorable appearance: it takes a mean instant-print photo. For people who love to document experiences in a unconventional way, this camera makes the perfect gift. Besides, it’s nice to display pictures on physical walls sometimes too.

Get the Fujifilm Intsax mini for $59 - $69

20. A GoPro camera

Credit: Amazon
Go Pro Hero 5

This is obviously a big ticket gift and requires some splurging, but for the particularly adventurous, jump-out-of-planes traveler in your life, a GoPro is the perfect gift. We recommend the Hero 5, but for a lower cost, you can get the Hero 5 Session, which offers less of the bells and whistles, but great quality all the same.

Get the GoPro Hero 5 for $400 on Amazon

Get the GoPro Hero 5 Session for $250 on Amazon

21. This adorable cork globe

Credit: ModCloth
Cork Globe

For those who want to literally drop a pin anywhere in the world.

Get the Stick and Choose cork desk globe for $69 from Modcloth

22. This whimsical journal for the curious traveler

Credit: Amazon
Travel Journal

When I travel, I document everything and anything that sets my heart ablaze—from new recipes to incredible moments. But this journal is far more detailed than the average lined paper I use to scribble the highlights of my trip. With clever sections and lists to jump off from, this journal is perfect for creative travelers.

Get the I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded for $14 on Amazon

Prices are accurate at the time of publication, but may change over time.