Bad news if you've got a connecting flight going through Qatar

Air travelers are likely to feel the fallout of a diplomatic dispute between the nation of Qatar and its neighbors in the Middle East. Flights through the busy Doha airport – the main hub for fast-growing Qatar Airways – have been disrupted by the spat, which has seen at least four Middle East nations cut diplomatic ties to Qatar. Airlines planned to ground all flights between those countries and Qatar by early Tuesday morning local time.

Michelle Obama set to speak at Apple's WWDC

Former first lady Michelle Obama will make an appearance at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Tuesday, where is she is expected to talk about "empowering people from all walks of life," CEO Tim Cook said, according to CNET. Obama's Silicon Valley visit comes after the tech giant introduced plenty of new features Monday — including the first details of iOS 11, the latest version of its operating system — and unveiled its new $349 smart speaker, HomePod, to rival Amazon's Echo and Google Home. Apple also showcased its new augmented reality developer kit, which has the potential to help make iOS "the largest AR platform in the world overnight.” Make sure to follow USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham, Jon Swartz and Marco della Cava for the latest info from Apple’s developers conference.

Mary Barra in the spotlight at GM's annual meeting

Mary Barra was thrust into the global spotlight as the first female CEO of an automaker when she took the helm at General Motors three years ago. Her progress — and future vision for the company — will be on full display Tuesday at GM's annual meeting in Detroit. "GM used to be all about sales volume and market share,” Autotrader senior analyst Michelle Krebs said. “Now, if they don’t see a path to profitability and leadership, they get out. The goal is to sell fewer vehicles and make more money. It’s a new GM.”

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Jersey voters start picking Gov. Christie's replacement

It has been eight years since voters first saw Republican Chris Christie's name on a ballot for governor. And while recent surveys strongly suggest they are anxious to see him go, there's no indication that Tuesday's primary, the nation's first statewide primary election since Donald Trump took office, will draw a lot of voters. Roughly, and optimistically, 20% of registered voters are expected at the polls. Christie's lieutenant governor, Kim Guadagno, is the lead contender for the Republican Party nomination. On the Democratic side, Phil Murphy, a former executive at Goldman Sachs and U.S. ambassador to Germany, is favored.

Remembering D-Day on its 73rd anniversary

Tuesday marks the 73rd anniversary of D-Day, the June 6, 1944, Allied invasion of Normandy, France, during World War II. As part of commemorating the historic day, a convoy of over 90 taxis left Portsmouth, England, on Sunday carrying World War II veterans and descended upon Normandy. While many believe the bravery those soldiers exhibited on that day can inspire us as a nation, there are some veterans who would prefer to forget the horrors of war. No matter your stance, one writer says Americans can and should learn a lot from what took place on that day 73 years ago.