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All-American road trip: See homes of the signers of the Declaration of Independence

All-American road trip: Homes of the Founding Fathers
Credit: National Park Service
The Thomas Stone National Historic Site (6655 Rose Hill Road, Port Tobacco, Maryland). Prior to the Revolutionary War, Thomas Stone led a comfortable life as a planter and lawyer. After realizing war with Great Britain was inevitable, became one of 56 men to sign one of the most important documents in world history: the Declaration of Independence.

Celebrate our nation’s founding by hitting the road and visiting the birthplaces and homes of the signers of the Declaration. You’ll find them up and down the East Coast, ranging from well-known mansions and stately homes to humble dwellings and lonely markers where buildings once stood. Some are large public sites, while some remain in private hands. Each provides a window into the life of someone who was willing to risk his livelihood, and perhaps his life, by attaching his name to our founding document. Check out these historic homes in the slideshow above, put together by The History List.