(WSAZ) -- A first-grade boy from Kentucky is attempting to run a half marathon for a good cause.

Jarek Compston, 6, told his mom he wanted to do a half marathon in order to give children in Africa Christmas gifts. He is entered in the Marshall University Half Marathon this Sunday.

Jarek's mother, Amy, is an accomplished runner herself and co-founder, namesake and vice president of Amy for Africa. It is a registered non-profit which uses her story of turning to Jesus from drug abuse to raise money for Christian schools in Uganda.

Jarek's already raced past his initial goal of $5,000, enough for 1,000 Christmas boxes of supplies, clothes and toys. Now his sights are set on $7,500, enough to give Christmas dinner to every family, too.

The plan for Sunday is to run for a half mile, then walk 50 meters -- and keep doing that until the end. Amy thinks they will finish in about 2.5 hours at a pace of 11-minute miles.

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