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Google honors Mexican actress Katy Jurado

Google honors Mexican actress Katy Jurado
Credit: Google
A Google logo in honor of Mexican actress Katy Jurado.

Google is paying tribute Tuesday to a trailblazer among Latin American actresses.

The search giant's logo honors Katy Jurado, the Oscar-nominated actress born on this day in 1924.

Jurado started her career during Mexican cinema's golden age before transitioning to Hollywood for her first role.

According to a Google post describing the doodle, Jurado knew limited English, so she learned her script by memorizing how the lines sounded.

Jurado's acting prowess earned her a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in the 1952 Western High Noon. She also earned an Academy Award nomination for Supporting Actress for the 1954 movie Broken Lance, which also starred Spencer Tracy.

Tuesday's doodle features Jurado in front of a backdrop inspired by High Noon, along with several roses in honor of her home city of Guadalajara.

"While she was stunningly beautiful, her portrayals transcended the stereotyped, over-sexualized roles written for Mexican women at the time," reads a post from Google on the Tuesday tribute. "Her talent at depicting a range of characters helped to expand the parts available to Mexican and other Latinx actresses in Hollywood today."   

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