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Bride asks guests to wear their old wedding dresses to her wedding (and it's a hit!)

Even though she's an actress, she was not afraid of sharing the spotlight on her big day.
Credit: CircumpunctStudio.com

One bride asked her guests to buck tradition by wearing their old wedding dresses to her ceremony – and the concept was a hit!

Audrey Moore and her now-husband Jesse Lumen wanted to have a fun wedding that would represent their personalities.

“Nobody expected us to have a traditional wedding,” Moore laughed. “But we were so concerned with everyone’s expectations of what a fun production our wedding would be, we made our motto ‘keep your expectations low and your enthusiasm high.’”

Moore said she had been to all of her friends’ weddings and thought they made beautiful brides.

Credit: CircumpunctStudio.com

“They all looked so fantastic and I’m not afraid of sharing the spotlight,” she said. “I know that they were all so sad when they had to put their dresses in a box and put it under a bed, knowing that it will probably never get worn again.”

Credit: CircumpunctStudio.com

A solid majority of the women that attended the wedding took them up on their suggestion, with some unmarried and younger women even borrowing dresses from friends and family.

“I just thought it would be a really great opportunity for us to have a magical princess fun time as grown up gals,” Moore laughed.

Credit: CircumpunctStudio.com

The pair continued their non-traditional theme by having the groomsmen wear tuxedo hoodies and walking down the aisle to the theme song from Game of Thrones.

At the reception, many of their guests changed into costumes and Moore donned an LED cape and blond wig to transform her blue wedding gown into Elsa from Frozen.

Lumen went as a man being captured by an alien.

“I tried to get my husband to do Olaf, but I was keeping my wedding dress a complete secret from everyone,” Moore said. “So I couldn’t let him know that I would basically be turning my wedding dress into Elsa.”

Credit: CircumpunctStudio.com

They handed out awards – like the “best dog not in attendance” and “best mother of the groom” to keep with their Hollywood theme. Moore, after all, is an actress who has been on Better Call Saul, Godless and will be in an episode of NCIS this Sunday – just to name a few.

Credit: CircumpunctStudio.com

The photographs of their wedding went viral on the social media site Reddit and have been making the rounds online ever since.

Moore said she was happy with the way things turned out and wanted brides to know they should be confident in their vision for a wedding.

“I hope this encourages others to have the day they most dream of,” she said.