Kathie Lee Gifford will be leaving NBC's TODAY show. The longtime host revealed the news on the NBC morning show, alongside her co-host Hoda Kotb, who was choked up.

Gifford will be focusing on several film, music and book projects after her departure. Gifford said she would be directing an 11 minute film, "The God Who Sees," which will be filmed in Israel.

“Everything good that has happened in my life has happened because you came,” Kotb said to Gifford.

“Our show is about catching each other when you fall down, that’s it,” Kotb added. “Which is daily for us,” Gifford retorted. “I cannot believe that we’re on TV and this is happening,” Kotb said.

"It's an exciting time for me and I'm thrilled with all the projects that are coming up, but it's also hard because the reason I stayed for more than a year is because I love everybody here so much. I've been in this business 120 years and I've never worked with a more beautiful group of people who just give every day," said Gifford on the show.

Gifford joined TODAY in 2008, intending to stay for only one year. She will be leaving after her 11th anniversary on the show on April 7, 2019.

NBC News chief Noah Oppenheim announced Gifford's departure in a company memo.

"When we first launched this incredible hour, no one could have predicted the lightning (or rather, wine) in a bottle that is Hoda & Kathie Gifford. Whether in studio or on one of their many road trips, they have delighted our audience with their distinct brand of fun, friendship and adventure," Oppenheim said.