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Michelle Obama faces backlash for comparing Donald Trump to 'divorced dad'

She received backlash for perpetuating a negative stigma about divorced fathers.

Michelle Obama compared the Trump administration to the parenting style of a "divorced dad." during a stop on her book tour on Sunday. 

The former first lady was in London speaking to Stephen Colbert. She was promoting her new memoir, "Becoming." Video from the event provided by The Independent shows Colbert saying "America is like a teenager." 

"We are a teenager, we talked about this. We're like a teenage country," Obama replied.

"And we're confused because our body is changing," said Colbert. 

"We're changing all over the place, and we come from a broken family. We're a teenager. We're a little unsettled and having good parents is tough. Sometimes you spend weekends with divorced dad and that feels like it's fun but then you get sick. That's what America's going through. We're kind of living with divorced dad right now." 

Colbert laughed and the audience cheered after Obama's comments as Colbert did an impression of President Trump. 

The reaction outside of the event have not been as positive. 

In a column for Fatherly, Jordan Shapiro said that Obama's "decision to perpetuate the divorced dad stigma is unfortunate." Shapiro is a divorced father of two. 

"Surely, Mrs. Obama knows that gender inequity is structural and systemic," he wrote. "If we really want to break through all the glass ceilings, we’ll also need to let go of the divorced dad stigma."

Divorced fathers also took to social media to criticize Obama for the comment. 

"As a divorced dad, I do my best to raise my son into a kind of man of which we can all be proud," said Twitter user Jason Catena. 

Children from divorced families also expressed their gratitude for their fathers.

"My divorced dad loved me selflessly and unconditionally," said Twitter used fighkriskjen. "His love was the most beautiful and whole love I've known."

According to Pew Research Center, 29% of unmarried parents who reside with their children are fathers.