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Here's what's open, closed on Presidents Day this year

Some errands will need to wait, but there's still plenty to do if you have the day off.

Monday, Feb. 20 is Presidents Day in 2023, a holiday celebrating George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the United States' other commanders in chief throughout the years. 

Presidents Day is a federal holiday, so closures include government offices, the U.S. Postal Service and most banks and public schools. However, major retail chains stay open, and many offer Presidents Day sales. 

Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions about the holiday. 

When and why do we celebrate Presidents Day?

Presidents Day started as a celebration of George Washington's Feb. 22 birthday — and officially, the federal government still calls the holiday Washington's Birthday. 

So why is the holiday on the 20th this year, and why do we celebrate other presidents? The U.S. Embassy says Congress fixed the Feb. 22 holiday to make it fall on the third Monday of February each year starting in 1971, creating a long weekend. 

Celebrations grew to include Lincoln, who also had a mid-February birthday, and other presidents from throughout U.S. history. Some states celebrate the holiday as "Washington and Lincoln's Birthday," while others — and most Americans — call it Presidents Day. 

What is closed on Presidents Day? 

Courts, government offices like the DMV and most banks close on Presidents Day due to the federal holiday. So do most public libraries. 

USPS will be closed, so you can't go into the post office or expect mail deliveries. However, shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, and Amazon will still be operating. 

While most public schools are also closed on Presidents Day, it's not guaranteed. Some districts will use it to make up for school days missed due to weather or other issues. You can check your school's online calendar or social media feeds to be sure. 

However, it's a completely different story for stores and restaurants. You can expect Walmart, Target, Costco and other stores to operate as usual, with many major chains offering Presidents Day sales. Some local businesses choose to close, though, so it's worth checking websites or calling ahead before you make a trip.

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