Most people have heard 'Purple Rain,' the landmark Prince album that's regarded as one of the greatest records of all time. Maybe they've seen the movie of the same name.

But have you ever seen purple rain? As in actual rain that appears purple?

Josh Moore was setting up his gear to shoot a sunset near Mt. Pisgah last Sunday. Moore said the sun settled in nicely behind the mountain ridge, creating a pink-colored sky. A small storm system moved in front of the mountain bringing rain that, coupled with the sunset behind it, created a visual masterpiece that Moore was there to capture.

PHOTOS | 'Purple Rain' at Mt. Pisgah

"The rain comes down and it gives off a purple hue in front of the pink sky," said Moore, a photographer who routinely shoots the Blue Ridge Parkway.

'You can't recreate that moment," Moore said. "It's cool to see."

You can see more of Moore's work on his Facebook page and on Instagram (JTM71).