KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Relief. That's what neighbors in North Knoxville are feeling now that The Vibe nightclub on Broadway is boarded up.

The Knoxville Police Department and the Knox County District Attorney's Office temporarily shut down the club Thursday.

Prosecutors linked two deadly shootings this year to that club.

One happened just last Sunday

Since mid-2016, there were more than 80 calls for emergency help at that club.

"The families in this area, the business owners in this area need to be protected from the activity that is going on here," said Charme Allen, Knox County District Attorney General.

Allen went to The Vibe Thursday to personally staple an injunction to the boarded up walls of the club.

She said the city and her office are stepping in to prevent any more violence from happening.

In a complaint filed by the DA's office against The Vibe, it said since October of 2015, 52 calls to 911 were made reporting criminal activity at or near the club.

Another 45 incidents were initiated by the Knoxville Police Department.

"It sticks out like a sore thumb honestly," said neighbor Ethan Vagnier. "Everything else in this area is welcoming and calming and it's quite the opposite."

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Vagnier lives right up the block from The Vibe and said he's heard loud music and gunshots and was generally afraid to be near the club.

"I even had friends that came over that didn't want to cross in front of it late at night while we were skating," said Vagnier.

The DA's office lists the 911 reports for more than 60 disturbance calls to The Vibe in its complaint.

Of those records, nine cited gang-related activities or arrests. They report 14 fights, eight complaints of loud music, and 10 instances involving guns being shot, waved or someone threatening gun violence.

The Vibe's closure is in large part to the community living around it.

"This community has really come together to assist us and help us in filing this by being kind of our eyes and ears," said Allen. "And they are all willing to come forward and provide testimony against this particular club and explain why it is such a nuisance in this community."

10News has reached out to The Vibe's owner Kevin Cherry, who has not responded.

He made at least eight of the 911 calls listed in the complaint.

The building's owner, Frank Drumheller, said he'll continue to rent to Cherry if he wishes to open another business.

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