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New additions changing the face of Market Square

Five storefronts on Market Square are under renovation, bringing new options to the downtown area.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — If you've been hibernating for the winter, now is the time to head downtown to Market Square and enjoy the sunshine.

When you get there it probably won't look like the Market Square you remember from just a few months ago.

There are five store spaces there currently closed for remodeling to become five new restaurants and bars.

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Those new locations are replacing or re-branding businesses that all left Market Square within the past year and a half.

"I guess you could say it's good and bad," said Victor Rizzi.

Either way it's something you can't help but notice.

"I just got to Knoxville in August and I've definitely seen a few closings and some new stuff opening up," said Ibrahim Berro.

More than just a few.

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Three of the four corners of Market Square aren't what they were last year.

Market House Cafe is now Tommy Trent's sports bar.

Blue Coast will soon be brunch spot called Ruby Sunshine.

Juice Bar is transforming into a Petros.

"These stores are more like, this is the first and only time that I've seen this store and so I feel like that draws you in," said Lily Nix.

And more one-of-a-kind things are coming.

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The owners of Uncorked, Scott and Bernadette West, are turning it into The Lost Tavern, a true crime-themed bar.

Right next to Preservation Pub, the Wests are opening Bernadette's Crystal Barrooms, a gemstone themed bar.

And in Bliss' old location on Market Square, a new hand-drawn sign advertises for "Space Head," a restaurant with not many details available right now.

"It's beautiful. It's so fun, why would you not come here," said Holly Brown about Market Square.

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These restaurants and bars in the making are all set to open this year.

As construction continues, some Knoxville people have a few ideas for what to open up next.

"Like an escape game place maybe," said Brown.

"Chick-Fil-A," said Rizzi

"A produce store," said Emma Fugate. "I know the Farmers' Market is here, but something that's here all the time

"I would really like a Chick-Fil-A," said Berro.

There's no Chick-Fil-A in the works, but there are open storefronts remaining for whoever wants to give Market Square a try.

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