Before we ring in the new year, we're taking a look back at the year we've had. 

It's been filled with memorable moments that range from the sad to the weird to the fun, and that shows in our top five most clicked on local stories from the year. 

So without any further ado, here they are:

5. Michael Ketterer won’t face charges following domestic violence arrest

Michael Ketterer, a singer from Tennessee, won over hearts from all around the country during his run on America's Got Talent this past fall. So when he was arrested for domestic violence several months ago, a lot of you wanted to know more.

4. Remembering Why: Rape and Murder of 7-year-old Paula Dyer

Billy Ray Irick was executed on August 9th of this year for the murder of 7-year-old Paul Dyer.

Jim Matheny's story remembering Dyer and detailing why this crime was so horrific was the fourth most read story of the year. 

3. Zoo Knoxville is celebrating its 70th anniversary with admission for 70 cents

  Coming in at number three... Zoo Knoxville's 70th anniversary celebration. The Zoo decided to celebrate its 70 years of business with 70-cent admission if patrons donated a non-perishable food item, hygiene products or pet supplies for five great local causes.

This story was shared and shared and shared online-- looks like we really love animals here in East Tennessee! 

2. Body of missing Ohio hiker found

When Susan Clements, a hiker from Ohio, went missing in Great Smoky Mountains National Park earlier this year, thousands of people across the country watched and waited and prayed for her safe return. 

Search and rescue workers from five states combed 500 miles of trails in the Smoky Mountains to find her. It was not until days after she had been reported missing that her body was found. 

Later, authorities said no foul play was suspected. 

1. Glenn Jacobs, known as WWE wrestler Kane, is new Knox County mayor

And in at number one... was a story that gained attention all over the world.

When professional wrestler Kane handily won an election to become Mayor Glenn Jacobs of Knox County.  

Jacobs and his wife, Crystal, have lived in East Tennessee since 1995.

And one that didn't quite make the top five list? Our story about the 'Missing Link' opening up to the public for the first time 52 years after construction began on the Foothills Parkway just missed the number five spot. So, we figured we would still include it here!