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People are casually throwing cheese on babies as part of an internet challenge

Here we are with another internet challenge.

What a time to be alive. People are throwing cheese at babies and recording it as part of a new viral trend the “cheese challenge” or “cheesed challenge.”

The concept, apparently stemming from @unclehxlmes on Twitter, involves throwing a slice of cheese on the face of a baby.

The video showed him taking a slice of what appears to be American cheese and approach his baby brother. He then tossed the slice directly on the kid’s face.

(Update: He has since deleted the tweet, writing he felt the video was invasive to the child's family and that he had not expected it to blow up online.)

Naturally, this became ~ a thing ~ and now it’s happening all across the internet.

This baby stopped crying when given the cheese, and honestly, same.

There also seemed to be a lot of older siblings/cousins taking part, as you might expect.

Some people say there are way worse things than having people throw dairy products at you, and this clearly is superior to the other so-called challenge nightmare from this week, the Momo Challenge. Which wasn’t even really a thing.

That being said, there are critics.

People online are commenting that this challenge is mean to the babies getting cheesed. Heather Schwedel at Slate writes "It's like dunking on a baby. Is it also funny when babies get hit by anvils or conked on the head?"

So, you will have to decide for yourself if you think your baby will like getting cheese thrown on them to partake in this challenge.

Please also enjoy this video from someone who tried the challenge with her dog and it didn’t quite pan out.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect the deletion of the original tweet that started this trend.