More good news arrived from the Tennessee General Assembly for folks who no longer want to deal with resetting all their clocks twice each year.

A bill that would make Daylight Saving time the year-round standard in Tennessee has taken another step forward after the Senate State and Local Government committee recommended it for passage.

The Senate bill has been referred next to the Senate Calendar Committee, which means it could very well see a vote on the Senate floor. The committee had postponed action on the bill numerous times since mid-March.

However, the House bill still appears to be in limbo in the House Finance, Ways and Means committee. There's been no word on its status since it was postponed and placed on their calendar for action on April 16.

If the bill passes, that means no more "spring"-ing forward or "fall"-ing back. That also means when surrounding states adjust to standard time in the winter months, we won't -- so that could create some serious time zone confusion during those months for folks who frequently travel or live near the state line.

There was some confusion about the bill last year because when Tillis initially presented it, the text of the bill was incorrect, but he later corrected it in a new filing.

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Rep. Tillis eventually filed a new plan to reflect that. You can read the whole saga here. This year, that plan is back. It would establish daylight saving time as the standard time in Tennessee. And if you really want to keep reading about Daylight Saving Time, here are some fun facts we dug up when we "fell back" last year.