KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Preventing gun violence in Knoxville was the topic of Tuesday's candidate meet and greet hosted by the group East Tennessee Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

Seven city council candidates and one mayoral candidate wasted no time letting voters know they're ready to take action to end gun violence in the city.

"I support common sense gun laws, background checks and community demands like transparent, complete and readily available gun violence stats," said David Hayes, candidate for Knoxville City Council at Large Seat B.

"As mayor I will definitely be joining Every Town for Gun Safety and I stand with Moms Demand Action and other advocates in this city to prevent and end gun violence," said Indya Kincannon, candidate for mayor of Knoxville.

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All eight candidates present said they are against gun shows being held on city owned property.

They were split on red flag laws, which would give judges power to temporarily remove firearms from those considered a danger to themselves or others.

Half the candidates said they are in full support, the other four wanting more research.

Candidates also presented ideas to stop child gun deaths. 

"Work on increasing some sort of funding where this education program is actually partnering with Knox County Schools," said Lynne Fugate, candidate for City Council at Large Seat A.

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"We need to utilize what we have to build a social support system for people so we can redirect our adults who are in this predominantly conservatively gun friendly culture and protect our children from being a part of it as well," said Charles Al-Bawi, candidate for City Council District 5.

"This is something that's important and I would advocate for just as a member of city council," said Amy Midis, candidate for City Council at Large Seat C.

They want to gun violence in poverty stricken areas.

The city government can work with non-profits. There's non-profits here who are working one-on-one in the inner city and other parts of the city," said Charles Thomas, candidate for City Council District 5.

"Gun violence is not limited to the inner city and to East Knoxville, it is something that we experience city-wide," said Charles Lomax Jr, candidate for City Council at Large Seat A.

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All candidates voiced one common goal to make Knoxville a safer place to live.

"To serve as a leader in your community and help educate the public on different issues that are being brought to your attention," said Amelia Parker, candidate for City Council at Large Seat C.

Mayoral candidate Eddie Mannis and city council candidate Janet Testerman were invited but unable to attend.

More forums will be held throughout Knoxville before the city election in November.