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Lawmakers send controversial bills to governor's desk over 34 day session

The Governor has signed some of the controversial measures into law. He's never vetoed a bill before—and hasn't indicated any plans to start now.

Over the course of a 34-day legislative session, Tennessee lawmakers passed often controversial bills that will change how students learn, how neighbors carry weapons and how transgender youth are treated. 

Kicking off under the cloud of an FBI investigation into its former Speaker of the House, the legislature began by mandating some students attend summer learning loss camps.

From there, the Republican "supermajority" passed a bill allowing almost all adults over 21 to carry a gun without training or a permit. 

In a controversial set of anti-gay bills, the legislature banned middle and high school trans athletes from playing for the team of their identified gender, put restrictions on trans bathroom use and mandated 30 days notice before educators teach lessons related to LGBTQ issues. 

In the final days of the legislative session, the assembly banned discussion of systematic racism or racial oppression. 

After passing a controversial "heartbeat" anti-abortion bill in a previous session, the legislature mandated women who had abortions must cremate or bury the fetal remains. 

Lawmakers cut unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 12—putting Tennessee benefits among the lowest in the nation. 

For once, pot bills did not completely go up in smoke. The state-approved a commission to study medical marijuana use. 

As part of Governor Lee's budget, lawmakers approved a sales tax-free week on restaurants and groceries. They also voted to give themselves a raise.

The next legislative session is scheduled to begin in January 2022. 

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