NASHVILLE, Tenn.--With just days to go until the Super Tuesday primary elections, former Vice President Joe Biden is now the favorite to win the state of Tennessee among Democrats according to the latest polling.

Sen. Bernie Sanders was the favorite to win the Volunteer State in early February but now opinion poll company fivethirtyeight slates Biden as the favorite.

According to the latest data, Biden is forecasted to win an average of 28% of the vote in Tennessee. Sen. Sanders slides to second-place based on the data with 3 in 10 chance of winning compared to Biden's 1 in 2 chance of winning.

Despite the expected outcome, polling finds Biden on average is expected to win 8.3 statewide delegates and Sanders 6.4. Sen. Sanders currently leads the delegate count but Biden is also projected to win Saturday's South Carolina primary heading into Super Tuesday.

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This story originally appeared on WCYB.