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Joe Biden projected to win in Tennessee Democratic primary

Tennessee has 64 delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday. Biden will likely have to split those with other candidates.

NBC News and other agencies project former Vice President Joe Biden has won the Democratic primary in the State of Tennessee.

With 98% of precincts reporting in the state of Tennessee, Biden has 41.5% of the vote, with Bernie Sanders in second with 24.7% of the vote.

Mike Bloomberg had 16% of the vote and Elizabeth Warren with 10%.

Biden has not campaigned in many Super Tuesday states, including Tennessee. He was projected to win in Tennessee last week by opinion poll company fivethirtyeight.   

Tennessee has 64 delegates up for grabs. If one candidate gets more than 2/3 of the vote, they get all of the delegates. If not, every candidate who received at least 15% of the vote will get a portion of the delegates depending on the vote total.

Tennessee was one of just 14 states to hold an election on Super Tuesday. There are more than 1,300 total delegates up for grabs in the presidential primary.

You can keep track of results from other states here.

The eventual nominee from the Democratic party will face President Donald Trump in the November presidential election.