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President Trump victorious in Tennessee student mock election

It was a valuable lesson for the students on the importance of taking part in the democratic process

Tennessee kids would unanimously re-elect President Trump if they were old enough to vote.

This year 37,014 students representing 262 schools cast their ballots for President and U.S. Senate in the 2020 Student Mock Election.

The results were announced Friday at Knoxville's West Valley Middle School.

"We hope students and teachers both enjoyed participating in this year’s student mock election. Our goal is to get students in the habit of voting and being civically engaged,” said Secretary of State Tre Hargett.

In addition to choosing Trump over rival Joe Biden, the students also chose Republican Bill Hagerty over Democrat Marquita Bradshaw in the U.S. Senate race.

While their ballots don't actually count in those important races, it's a valuable lesson for students to learn at an early age.

"Being involved in the democratic process is essential for our nation, and mock elections are an important learning tool that provides Tennessee students with a real-world experience in voting," said State Sen. Becky Massey. "I hope that these students use this experience to become more involved in their community and to develop the habit of becoming lifelong voters."

“Our students had tremendous excitement and energy as they cast their ballot and let their voices be heard,” said State Rep. Jason Zachary. “These types of events are critical because they drive home the importance of election participation for Tennessee’s next generation of leaders. 

The message really sunk in for these eighth-graders at West Valley.

“It’s our way to control who is in charge and make the decisions ourselves. Some people say that voting isn’t important because it doesn’t change whoever’s in charge and everything just stays the same but the people in charge, they make the decisions and it’s our duty to help decide who is in charge,” said Cordelia Nelson

Avery Hopson agreed. "Every single vote counts, like, it decides like who’s going to run and what kind of laws or rules there’s going to be. “

Student Mock Election Presidential Totals Across the State

Donald J. Trump Republican 19,365 52.3%
Joseph R. Biden Democrat 12,115 32.7%
Kanye West Independent 3,806 10.2%
Alyson Kennedy Independent 365 >1%
Jo Jorgensen Independent 361 >1%
Howie Hawkins Independent 287 >1%
Gloria La Riva Independent 261 >1%
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Independent 256 >1%
Don Blankenship Independent 198 >1%

Student Mock Election Senate Totals Across the State
Bill Hagerty Republican 19,545 62%
Marquita Bradshaw Democrat 11,892 38%

The Secretary of State’s office first introduced the Student Mock Election during the 2016 presidential election.