NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee state lawmakers received their grades for how they voted on education issues during the 2019 General Assembly.

Tennesseans for Student Success released the 2019 Tennessee SuccessCard on Monday.

The non-profit organization creates the scorecard for citizens to use to keep lawmakers accountable.

"Since launching the SuccessCard, Tennesseans for Student Success has talked to more than 300,000 Tennesseans asking what they believe to be the most important policies to improve student learning," Tennesseans for Student Success President and CEO Adam Lister said. "It’s clear from those conversations that a top priority of Tennesseans in every corner of the state is that lawmakers and representatives champion policies that will improve student growth and achievement."

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Here is how some of the lawmakers in the Knoxville area scored:

  • Rep. Rick Staples: A 
  • Rep. Bill Dunn: A+
  • Rep. Martin Daniel: A+
  • Rep. Gloria Johnson: D
  • Rep. Justin Lafferty: A+
  • Rep. Jason Zachary: A+
  • Rep. Dave Wright: A+
  • Sen. Becky Duncan Massey: A+
  • Sen. Richard Briggs: A+
  • Sen. Randy McNally: A+

The organization bases grades off how lawmakers vote on bills that support or oppose the non-profit's priorities.

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State education advocate Sareatha Murphy hopes more people will take advantage of the Tennessee SuccessCard to see how their lawmakers vote.

"The Volunteer State has reached new heights in education in recent years, but there is still more work to be done," Murphy said.

You can see find out how your lawmaker scored at the TSS website.