Knox County's sheriff wants to be mayor.

Sheriff J.J. Jones, who is term-limited, announced Monday that he had appointed a treasurer for a potential mayoral run.

“Today I completed the initial process to run for elected office. I look forward to talking about my experience and qualifications for Knox County Mayor in the next few weeks,” said Jones in a post  the KCSO Facebook and Twitter pages.

His treasurer is identified as Andy White.

Jones has been sheriff since 2007.

The election isn't until May 1, 2018, and candidates must file a nominating petition, which is due in November for the county election cycle. Hiring a treasurer is an important part in the process for running for elected office.

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett is also term-limited.

Along with Jones, Knox County Commissioner Bob Thomas has appointed a treasurer and made it clear he plans to run for mayor. Democrat Tracy Clough named a treasurer in June for the mayor's race. Pro-wrestler and insurance agent Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, also named a treasurer in March.

Knox County GOP Chairman Buddy Burkhardt has indicated he remains interested in seeking the job.. If he were to run, he would have to relinquish his chairman's position.