KNOXVILLE, Tenn — The search continues for a man with dementia who walked away from his family in Halls eight days ago.

Jack Harrison is 77 years old. He also goes by "Jackie."

Harrison was last seen at the Walmart in Halls on Sunday night, November 17. He was separated from family members.

Video shows him near the gas pumps and heading toward Norris Freeway.

Harrison's family isn't giving up the search to find him, but this task is made a little harder because he has dementia.

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"[People with dementia] lose the ability to communicate sometimes with people that they come in contact with, being able to say 'I don't know where I live' or give a name of a loved one that they need to come and find them," said Linda Johnson, Director of Programs for Alzheimer's Tennessee.

Johnson said it's common for people with dementia to walk away.

Harrison's family said he's walked away before and they found him in nearby woods.

"They're searching for someone, somewhere that is familiar to them," said Johnson. "So he's in search of something. Most of the time that's why an individual wanders."

But there are ways to prevent that.

First, Johnson said avoid crowded places if possible.

There is also GPS technology that can help.

"There's inserts for shoes, there's a watch," she said

Any smart watch can track location.

There are also ID bracelets and necklaces that have the person's name and caregiver's contact information.

Those are available through Alzheimer's Tennessee.

"It is registered in the data base that we can call and have it announced immediately that this person is missing," said Johnson.

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Part of protecting loved ones dealing with memory loss is letting them know it's because you want to help, not limit them.

The Knox County CAC Office on Aging director Dottie Lyvers said all dementia patients will respond differently.

"Talking to them about their safety and also talking about other ways that can help in getting them...something to meet their needs," said Lyvers.

The Office on Aging has an up-to-date senior service directory available online here to connect people to various agencies that help older community members.

As the search continues for Harrison, the Knox County Sheriff's Office asks people continue to share his picture.

They also ask people check barns, out buildings, creeks and any cars on your property and monitor your home security cameras.

If you see Harrison call 911.

It's okay to approach him calmly. He'll answer his own name.