SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. — Take a break from those cat videos. It's time for your daily dose of puppy dog cuteness.

Smokies Baseball hosted a puppy yoga event on the field so fans could relax without a RUFF time.

Each person paid a flat rate for the puppy yoga and got a doggy bag with a Smokies ticket and a dog bandana.

All of the puppies, big or small, do have owners already and have all been trained by "Sit Means Sit," a dog training center in Knoxville. 

There were plenty of clever canine moves during the session too.

"A lot of dog names, um obviously we try to do a lot that the dogs can be a part of it, so whether it's downward dog, up dog, three-legged dog, walking your dog in the three-legged-dog, but just kind of throwing out any of those terms that we can to get them involved," said Morgan Harlan with Tennessee Smokies. 

If you missed the event on June 9, put away those puppy dog eyes.

There will be another puppy yoga flow on August 11.