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Solving the summer childcare dilemma in East Tennessee

It can be hard to find places and activities to take care of your kids during the summer months, but we have a few tips to help you figure out your options.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Summer break is coming, and that means summer programs and camps are about to begin.

 It can be hard to find places and activities that aren't already full, but here are four tips on how to get through the summer childcare challenge.

1. Look into hiring a summer nanny

Many college students are also looking for something to do this summer to make a little money, and they'll have to go back to school in August too.

In Knoxville, nannies can cost around $14 an hour.

2. Find or create a summer childcare co-op

A childcare co-op is a group of families who agree to take turns watching each other's children.

Of course, you would need to choose people you trust, like neighbors, friends, or family. But it can take the burden off of each person each day, and give the kids the chance to play with friends.

And the best part? It can be completely free!

3. Check out camps and other organized activities

There are some local summer day camps like KORE camp with the City of Knoxville and others at the YMCA in Knoxville.

KORE charges $20 per week, plus a $20 registration fee for city residents and a $50 fee for non-residents if you sign up before June 1. 

KORE is for kids ages 6-12 and runs from June 3-28 and from July 8-26. Lunch and field trips are included in the cost. For more information on KORE, click here. 

The City of Knoxville also offers Teen Camp for kids ages 13-15.

The YMCA takes kids up to 12 years old and its program runs all day.

Full-time YMCA camps can run up to $116 a week, while part-time can be around $90 per week. Plus, kids get the opportunity to go on weekly field trips and learn new things along the way! For more information on the YMCA's options, click here.

4. Try combining options to make a hybrid that works for you 

Sign your kids up for several different camps throughout the summer, try a co-op group for a few of the summer weeks, and fill in the blanks with babysitters when needed.

Looking for a good daycare option? Check out our story on how to find those that are top-rated by the state.

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