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'Just keep praying and praying': As Biden departs, Uvalde continues to cope after tragedy

At one point during the president's visit, community members implored him to "do something." As he entered the presidential caravan, he responded with: "We will."

UVALDE, Texas — The names of the 21 Uvalde residents killed by a gunman during his attack on an elementary school this week were everywhere Sunday, as President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden visited to pay their respects

The community didn't want them, nor any other visitor, to forget the 19 students and two teachers who died. Amid the scene of mourners, grieving families and supporters Sunday was one father holding a sign.

"We have been strong," said Alex Covarrubias, who over the last few days could be seen holding a sign reading "Uvalde Strong." "It took us down a little bit, but we will get back out there."

Covarrubias said he was grateful Sunday for the Bidens' visit, and for the time they took to support small south Texas community of about 16,000. 

"Thank you for coming and paying the respects to the little angels we lost," he said. 

For another resident, Ivan Cazares, the president's visit was even more personal. His best friend's brother, Xavier Lopez, is one of the children who was killed inside Robb Elementary. 

"I am feeling low. It is just really messed up inside," Cazares said. 

After Biden's visit, he tweeted that the White House is "committed to turning this pain into action."

As a downtown Uvalde memorial honoring the lives that were lost continues to grow, those who live here say they'll continue to pray. 

"If we can just pray," Cazares said. "Pray for the names of the kids and the teachers."

"Just keep praying and praying," Covarrubias added. "Stay strong. We will get through it."


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