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TN Dept. of Health urges gunowners to keep loaded guns safely stored, avoiding unintentional harm

State officials said people should treat guns as if they were always loaded, and never touch the trigger unless they intend to fire a gun.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — On Thursday, the Tennessee Department of Health posted about the importance of safely storing guns. They said around half of the Tennesseans 18 years old or older reported having loaded guns in or around their homes, and safely storing them can help prevent suicide or unintentional harm.

They released guidelines that people should follow while handling guns and while they are stored around the house. At the top of the list, they said people should understand how guns work before handling one.

People should also make sure their guns are safe and secured while they are not in use, and that children cannot access the gun safe or the keys to open it. Guns should point in a safe direction while stored in a safe.

They also said people should always treat guns as if they were loaded, and never touch a trigger unless they intend to fire it. They also said people should never use drugs or alcohol while shooting.

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