We have hopefully seen our highest gas prices of the season, according to AAA.

Gas prices jumped up last week, rising an average of 8 cents in 10 days, with one of the biggest jumps in Knoxville at 9 cents a gallon. But analysts at AAA believe the prices plateaued over the weekend.

"Our usual autumn pump price plunge was interrupted by rising oil prices," said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA - The Auto Club Group. "Fortunately, oil prices let off the throttle last week, allowing gas prices to find what appears to be solid ground. However, motorists should expect gas prices to linger at their current levels this week."

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Right now, we're paying an average of $2.35 a gallon for regular in Knoxville, three cents lower than this time last week, but 9 cents more than a month ago, and pretty big increase over the price last year at this time, which was $2.03.

So while prices will likely continue to drift down, we will be paying more at the pump as we travel this Thanksgiving.

In Tennessee last November, we were paying under two dollars a gallon for gas--- $1.94. With the higher prices this year, AAA says a tank of gas will cost about $6 more than it did last year.

AAA projects almost 51 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more this Thanksgiving, which is a slight increase this year. Tennesseans make up 1.16 million of those travelers. Almost 90 percent of those travelers will go by car, despite the fact gas prices will be the highest we've seen since 2014.