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VERIFY: You can go outside your county to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Georgia

As long as you qualify to get the vaccine in Georgia, you can go outside of your county to get it.

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — The COVID-19 vaccine administration has been slow and confusing for many. Viewers have messaged 11Alive to find out more about where, when and who is getting the vaccines in Georgia. 

“I am so confused, probably like many of you out there," one 11Alive viewer, Gwendolyn Dinsmore, admitted. "I thought you could go to any county to get your COVID-19 vaccine."

11Alive's VERIFY team is getting answers. 


Can you go to a different county to get the vaccine? 

What about people that live out of state? 


YES, you can get a vaccine in a different county from where you live. 

However, Georgia officials are not vaccinating people with out-of-state licenses, EXCEPT under special circumstances. 


Bill Johnson, a 77-year-old Douglas County resident, was able to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Paulding County. 

“As I walked in, they said, 'are you here for the vaccination?' and I said, 'sure. I’d love to get the vaccination. What do I have to do?' 'Just fill in the forms,'" he recalled. 

"I said, 'well, I don’t live in Paulding County – I live in Douglas County.' 'That’s no problem.' Bingo," Johnson said.

We can VERIFY that what Johnson did is allowed. 

The Department of Public Health says you can go to any county in Georgia to get your vaccine. 

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A spokesperson with the Paulding County Health Department, where Johnson received his first shot, says they're actually seeing a significant number of people from the metro Atlanta area. 

Paulding health care workers check ID's to make sure people qualify for the Phase 1A+ category, but do not keep record of the county each individual lives in. 

The health district encourages people to make appointments, but have been giving the vaccine to walk-ins like Johnson. 

But, what about people who show up but live out of state? 

We can VERIFY Georgia is not vaccinating residents of other states, EXCEPT under certain circumstances. 

"With the exception of those who may be out of state but work here - and we do have individuals from Tennessee who may work here, individuals from Florida who may work in south Georgia - and they can be vaccinated as part of their care at their work site," Georgia Health Commissioner, Dr. Kathleen Toomey explained. 

Paulding County says they have already vaccinated some who fall under those circumstances. 

“We cover a population base of about 660,000, and that doesn’t include the small percentage of people who might be coming in from Alabama, Tennessee – once again that’s a relatively small percentage of immunizations we’re giving," Logan Boss, with the Northwest Georgia Health District, said.

The Northwest Health District says their vaccine stock remains very low. So much so, that they are not in a position to schedule second dose appointments. 

They're relying on hope that they'll receive more vaccines in the coming weeks to provide the second shot to those who received their first already. 

It's leaving Jonson, the Douglas County resident, ready to be flexible.

“No confirmation that (the second dose is) going to be scheduled," he said. "At the very worst, I’ll go down in person."


Georgia Department of Public Health

Northwest Georgia Health District

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