PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. — Is this the set of a faked moon landing? Are alien abductions on the rise? Could that be Bigfoot's skull?

At the National Enquirer Museum in Pigeon Forge, reality isn't always on display. 

But now we're seeing stories from around the world that claim the museum is a theme park, turning Princess Diana's death into a morbid attraction. 

But is that true? 

To verify we ask the museum's spokesman and check out the exhibit itself. 

"As a museum attraction, there are no rides," Spokesperson Rick Laney said. "They referred to us as a theme park, we're not a theme park."

Laney says the rumor started with an article in the online site The Daily Beast, but he says the exhibit in question isn't the flashy feature the headlines would have you believe. 

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"The area of our attraction that they were talking about is literally a 3-foot kiosk. We refer to it as a locator kiosk. It's a 3D map of downtown Paris," he said.

It lights up with the path the Princess of Wales took and shows the tunnel where her Mercedes crashed. 

But it's not a ride--and it's only a small part of the museum.

"That is literally the only aspect of Diana that we have in the entire attraction," Laney said. 

We can verify there's no big Diana death display at the museum. That's false. 

But at a museum about a tabloid, all publicity is good publicity. 

"Speaking as a marketing guy, it was a great thing to happen to us," Laney said. "We have made the comment a number of times that the Daily Beast 'National Enquirer'd' our attraction."

Now he says there's been an international case made out of a 3-foot map. 

"The Brits were very worked up over that story, one of them called and asked for comment from Prince Harry."