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VFL Lauren Akins and husband Thomas Rhett drop in on UT Nursing Class

VFL and graduate of the UT school of nursing graduate, Lauren Akins, drops in on a UT nursing class to give out some encouragement
Credit: UT Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — VFL Lauren Akins and husband, Thomas Rhett, decided to drop in on one UT nursing class today via Zoom on Monday.

Akins, graduated from the UT school of nursing in 2012 and decided to speak some encouragement and good fortune to the current nursing students.

"I'm really proud of y'all for sticking it out and I know this is so hard and I'm sure there are a lotof unknowns." said Akins, "I'm so glad y'all chose this profession."

Even Thomas Rhett said a few words to the Volunteers.

"You know, I'm a Vol cause she's a Vol," said Rhett, "Thank y'all so much for everything y'all aredoing now and everything y'all are gonna do in the future."

The video chat ended with the students singing Happy Birthday to Rhett.

You can watch the full video on their Facebook.

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