TAZEWELL, Tenn. — Law enforcement is a very serious and unpredictable job, but every once in a while something hilarious happens and your co-workers put it on Facebook. 

This is precisely what happened to Tazewell Police Officer Shawn Noah while he was on patrol Sunday night, Jan. 20.

Noah was on Old Hwy 25E when he spotted a fallen tree in the road, according to Tazewell PD. 

According to the department's Facebook, he is "the kind of guy who doesn't miss leg day in the gym" so Noah decided to move the tree on his own.

Noah was so close to completing his mission/work out, but the tree had other ideas.

It broke in two, sending Noah tumbling into the grass.

His car's dash cam caught the whole thing, and thus, Noah got to live in the social media spotlight for a day.  

NOTE: The video was used with the permission of the Tazewell Police Department.