SOUTHWICK, Mass. — The dog days of summer are quite a ways off, but one golden retriever in Massachusetts got its own heat cooking after he attempted to steal a pancake off an oven stove.

Last week, the Southwick Fire Department shared a three-minute video from a home security system. In it, a golden retriever can be seen walking towards the kitchen range in an attempt to pull something down. The dog eventually pulled a plate off of the stove and began to eat what the fire department said were leftover pancakes.

When the dog pulled the plate down, it switched on the ignition button on the gas stove. After several minutes, an item left on top of the stove began to ignite. The smoke alarm soon began to sound, which prompted another golden retriever in the house to join his companion on the couch. Eventually, the two dogs napped.

The homeowner's alarm system alerted emergency responders who arrived at the house to contain the flames. The homeowners were not home at the time.

The fire department said in a Facebook post they shared the video to help teach safety into stove controls.

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