A West Knox County couple is dealing with the aftermath of the February flooding, and says they are hopeful President Trump will approve FEMA funding soon.

Tom and Cyndie Young lost everything in their home after floodwaters took over their section of the neighborhood. The water did not recede for over two weeks.

Once the water finally went down, they were left with damage to their whole house and a hefty price tag to fix it.

"This isn't how retirement is supposed to go," Cyndie Young admitted. "We're having to start all over as if we were a young couple building a house and it's very devastating."

Volunteers were able to go in and take out the parts of their home with damage, including floors and part of the drywall.

"Anything that was on the floor and come up had to go," Tom Young explained. "So they stripped the whole kitchen out of there."

Inside the house, fans are working overtime to try and clear out the moisture and water smell.

The couple in their 70's is keeping faith that state leaders and President Trump will get the ball rolling for some relief.

This comes after Governor Bill Lee and Senator Marsha Blackburn urged the president to approve FEMA dollars quickly for the 83 out of 95 Tennessee counties affected.

"At least we have some of the administration in our favor," Cyndi Young noted. "You know, and on our side, because I feel like so far I have felt so alone."

While local officials haven't pulled through for the Youngs yet, the couple is grateful for the help from their East Tennessee neighbors.

"Officials that should be showing some compassion and everything haven't showed up yet," Cyndie Young explained. "But we sure have had a lot of compassion and caring and love from people around and it just made me feel so good to know that that exists in our community."

The Youngs say they have gotten a great amount of support from local church organizations and are currently staying in a space provided by a family in Lenoir City.

Despite having their life flipped upside down, they say their faith in God is getting them through the tough time.