In July, we took you on some adventures right in your own backyard for "Tourist in your Town Week."

Mike Witcher put his waders on and took us to the river in Pigeon Forge to learn how to fly fish with Orvis, and took a trip inside to show us how to rock climb.

Shannon Smith gave us a new perspective over Gatlinburg and showed us how to accomplish ziplining, mountain biking and white water rafting all in one day.

Becca Sweet made her way to Hot Springs, North Carolina, where she showed us how to relax in the hot springs hot tubs, and then went off road at Windrock Park, reminding us it's okay to play in the mud.

Leslie Ackerson showed us a llama adventure expedition tucked away in the Smokies.

Also in July, we took a deep dive within to find out more about us,our personalities and what makes us tick during "Get to Know You Week." 

We looked at whether a paid or free test would get the job done when it comes to personality tests, and we learned more about the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, and the Big 5 tests.

We also took a whole week to focus on being happy during "Happiness Week." We learned what the secrets to happiness are, and we met the singing bus driver, Frank.

We tucked you in for a good night's rest and talked all things dreams during "Dream Week." We learned what recurring dreams mean and what different dreams say about you. We shared some of our own, even though they were strange.

In November we experienced all Downtown Knoxville has to offer during "Downtown Vibes Week." 

Abby Ham made our taste buds tingle by showing us popular spots Stock and Barrel, OliBea, J.C. Holdway, Rebel Kitchen, and Adopo. 

Yvonne Thomas took us on a journey through downtown to reveal some spots we may not have noticed before, Kaizen, Gratitude Bar and the Parlor above Maple Hall.

Plus, Becca Sweet helped us step into the growing art scene, Katie Inman kept us up to date on the construction projects downtown, and Leslie Ackerson took us on a trip through a spooky Bijou Theatre.

All in all, we had a lot of fun this year with our theme weeks, and look forward to creating some more in 2019!