Movies and Music in East Tennessee ran at a fast-faced tempo in 2017.

The past year was full of note-worthy moments for East Tennessee. We traveled across the country following Chris Blue's journey on NBC's The Voice.

The support stretched from Hollywood to his hometown as he inspired a community.

"I really love music, and he brought my love of music to a whole another level.."

And it was music to our ears when Blue took his melodies and moves to the Tennessee Theatre Stage. He performed three sold out shows.

From the West Coast to the East Coast, we followed both tunes and TV.

A movie, shot in our city, premiered in the Big Apple.

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Back in Knoxville, it was a high school homecoming for Kelsea Ballerini.

"We have to do it in my hometown, and I have to do it at Central and they were like alright, and I said okay!" said Ballerini.

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Southern sweetheart Dolly Parton focused her newest album towards inspiring her youngest fans.

It was a year of musical milestones too.

Grassroots radio station WDVX celebrated 20 years of sharing singers across the airwaves.

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A tune every Vol fan knows by heart... We took a look back at the making of Rocky Top as the song hit 50 years.

And even when life takes a sharp turn, we can end on a high note.. reminiscing on the moments that made this year magical. Dolly Parton returned home to hand deliver the final checks from her "My People" fund to those who lost everything in the November 2016 wildfires.

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