If you ever had a bright pink Barbie Jeep as a child, you may be interested in the latest adventure that just started in the Great Smoky Mountains this month. 

A company called PINK Adventure Tours just kicked off in the Smokies. It's a premier off-road adventure company that was founded over 60 years ago.

It started as America's first Jeep tour, but now it offers signature excursions in Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and now the Smoky Mountains.

"Imagine spending your vacation riding with the open-air feeling of a convertible, surrounded by one of the most visited, picturesque places in the country next to your closest friends and family," said Senior Vice President Billy Johnson.

The company said PINK Jeep Wranglers are customized from top to bottom to ensure tours are always safe, comfortable and exciting.

Great Smoky Mountains | Pink Jeep Tours

“Expertly trained guides are driving the whole time, sharing about the splendor of the mountains. With the guides’ help, guests can let go of the wheel and the GPS, climb in with their families and friends and create memories worth repeating,” Johnson shared. “At the end, when families talk about their experience, they don’t just say they went on a Jeep ride. They remember they went on a PINK® Jeep® ride.”

Guests first pick from four distinct guided tours that leave from Pigeon Forge and explore portions of the Great Smoky Mountains. Routes now available explore the new portion of the Foothills Parkway and Newfound Gap.

Beginning in May, guests can also choose Roaring Fork Motor Trail and the Ocanaluftee River Trail. All tours end with an exciting off-road 4x4 adventure on private property.

 The tours cost about $65 but depending on which one you choose it could cost up to $75 per person.

LINK: Views ticket prices here

“We are proud to be your new home on this side of the country. Together, we will share our community’s hospitality with the millions of guests who visit every year,” Pigeon Forge Mayor David Wear shared. “It’s exciting to have another reason for people to come visit Pigeon Forge!”

Why PINK? The release said the company's founder and his wife picked the color pink for their Jeeps after seeing a striking Hawaiian beach hotel in the late 1950s.

You can experience Smoky Mountains PINK Jeep Tours by visiting www.SmokyMountainTours.com or call (844) 710-7465.

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